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With our expertise in AI & ML systems design to development, we cater to our clients with state-of-art and innovative technologies to help them design, develop and scale their services and products with improved quality and precision.

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We envision in empowering our clients with best practises across the industry to help them shape and scale their AI ideas into safe and quality driven services and products for their users with reduced time to market.

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Our mission is to help our clients transform their revolutionary ideas and concepts into reality by improving the quality and experience of their users.

Educational Teaching Video Classification Network ED-NET.

In this paper, we have presented a novel dataset, Teach-VID, that contains video clips of 60 seconds each. The video clips are taken from an e-learning platform developed by our organization. This dataset is used to develop a system to classify Teaching and Non-Teaching videos. Along with the dataset, we have proposed two models for benchmarking purposes. The first model is developed using 3D-CNN and the second model is developed using 2D-CNN and LSTM.