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Make smarter apps with Machine learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a programming strategy that enables you to automatically learn and improve your apps without having to program them explicitly.ML has been helping more and more to figure out issues through reliable predictions and efficient results. On the other hand, as the mobile market has been advancing as well. There are frameworks that make it easy to use Machine Learning, especially with mobile apps.


Machine Learning for Embedded System

Machine learning (ML) enables electronic systems to learn autonomously from existing data and to use this knowledge to independently make assessments, predictions and decisions. These kinds of applications are highly compute-intensive, so they are traditionally executed on PCs and cloud servers. It is now possible to perform machine learning directly on devices used in the field (= embedded machine learning).

Mobile Application Monitoring

Mobile app error tracking, performance monitoring, and run time errors in a single view, give you a full overview of your applications.Relate errors to releases, tags, and devices, to fix problems faster, reduce churning, and improve user retention.